Transparent Audio Hardwired Speaker Cable

Transparent Audio Hardwired Speaker Cable

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Experience the renowned quality of Transparent Audio with their Hardwired Speaker Cable. Enjoy a neutral layered sound that is both easy to listen to and highly resolving. With expert engineering and design, these cables provide a superior listening experience. Upgrade your audio setup today.

Hardwired Speaker Cables are a great cable to get a toe-in-the-water of what speaker cable solutions can offer for music and film systems. They work well with other Transparent cables to provide the listener a closer connection to music

    • Terminated at both ends with sturdy, gold-plated banana plugs
    • Heavy 14 AWG oxygen-free copper conductors for better dynamics
    • Same cable construction as WAVE Speaker Cable without the noise reduction network
    • Twisted pair construction helps cancel out RF noise
    • Handcrafted in the USA

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