Michell Orbe SE Turntable - Douglas HiFi Perth
MIchell Orbe SE Turntable Silver - Douglas HiFi Perth

Michell Orbe SE Turntable (no plinth or cover)

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Michell Orbe SE Turntable

The Micell Orbe SE eliminates much of the expensive acrylic to offer most of the Orbe's sound quality in a cheaper more compact package - it can always be upgraded to full Orbe later on.

The Michell Orbe SE delivers a reference quality listen comparable to the Orbe, but in a smaller, more affordable package.

  • Low contact area feet: The solid aluminium feet of the turntable are shaped so the area in contact with the supporting surface is very small, this is done to minimise the transfer of vibrations from the supporting furniture into the turntable.
  • Three point spring suspension system: Three suspension towers are fixed to the secondary acrylic base to hold the suspension springs in place and provide height adjustment for the sub chassis.
  • Weighted pendulum style sub chassis: Hanging on the three suspension springs, this provides a rigid dense platform to mount the main bearing, platter and tonearm assembly, ensuring there is no movement between them, while also acting as a ‘resonance / vibration sink’ drawing away unwanted vibrations from the sensitive elements of the turntable.
  • Inverted Oil Circulating Main Bearing
  • Extra Heavy Impedance-matched Platter
  • Free Standing Motor Unit
  • Orbe Controller Power Supply
  • Orbe Record Clamp