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KEF LS60 Wireless Floorstanding Active Speakers

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Make your home audio experience come alive with KEF LS60 Wireless Floorstanding Active Speakers, featuring huge, hi-fi sound and an elegant, simple look. Stream effortlessly via network connectivity or connect directly to your TV, and enjoy fantastic, room-filling sound. With KEF you get incredible audio performance in the simplest of forms. 

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KEF LS60 Wireless Floorstanding Active Speakers

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The KEF LS60 active wireless speakers are a new adition to the line of KEF Active speakers and whilst they are incredibly slim and a lot more compact than what the pics suggest - the sound is stunnong, room filling and full. The LS60 works equally as well for music and TV/Movie duties even in many open plan situations - come in and have a listen.

KEF has had a long history of producing beautiful sounding speakers utilising the latest science based computer modelling. Some years ago KEF celebrated their 50th birthday and brought the wonderful LS50 speakers into this world - soon followed by a Wireless Active version that has been a game changer for many people around the world. This year is KEF's 60th Anniversary and they are continuing their innovation by announcing the highly anticipated KEF LS60 Wireless - a distinctive, stylish, well-connected and modern floorstanding speaker.

KEF takes all-in-one hi-fi to a whole new level

The LS60 Wireless is an attractively slender floorstanding loudspeaker that borrows technology from the eye-catching Blade speaker and marries it with KEF's latest models' wireless smarts and Metamaterial. The KEF LS60 Wireless is everything a modern all-in-one hi-fi system should be, combining eye-catching looks, a suite of useful features and outstanding sound quality. The KEF LS60 Wireless isn’t just towers based on the bookshelf version. That description just doesn’t do it justice. As you can see from the pictures and as you’re about to learn, the company has thrown so much at the LS60 that it's on a whole different level, both in terms of engineering and sound quality. The LS60 Wireless is an attractively slender floorstanding loudspeaker that borrows technology from the eye-catching Blade speaker and marries it with KEF's latest models' wireless smarts and Metamaterial.

A slim cabinet calls for a slimmer-than-usual Uni-Q driver and KEF’s engineers have delivered a brand-new version of its trademark drive unit. It’s been designed specifically for the LS60 Wireless to cope with that change in width. It is in fact the smallest Uni-Q driver the company has ever designed and combines a 10cm aluminium cone for the midrange with a 19mm vented aluminium dome tweeter. For this latest iteration of Uni-Q, KEF has added a tweeter gap damper and a new Z-Flex surround to aid dispersion and reduce distortion. 

On the sidewalls of the LS60 Wireless, you'll find two pairs of 5.25-inch Uni-Core driver arrays, first seen in the KC62 subwoofer. This makes perfect sense, as KEF designed these to maximise performance. 

The Music Integrity Engine, the brain behind most of KEF's wireless speakers, offers a suite of bespoke Digital Signal Processing algorithms (DSPs), enabling the LS60 Wireless to deliver a perfectly timed audio performance with better imaging and a tighter sound, says the brand. Additionally, for the LS60 Wireless, the Music Integrity Engine features low-frequency phase correction. You can opt to connect the speakers via a wired connection (24bit/192kHz) or use KEF's low-latency intelligent wireless interspeaker connection to give you reliable cable-free listening up to 24bit/96kHz.

These bass drivers are mounted back-to-back in a force-cancelling arrangement, so cabinet vibration is practically eliminated. Furthermore, KEF's P-Flex and Smart Distortion Control Technology are onboard to ensure that the low-frequency performance is as balanced and detailed as the audio derived from the Uni-Q driver array.

Those clever drivers are treated to “a highly optimised mixture of bespoke amplification”, delivering a combined 1400 Watts via amplifiers dedicated to high, medium and low frequencies within each speaker.

KEF LS60 Inputs and Streaming Capabilities

the LS60 Wireless can stream wirelessly using Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, and Bluetooth, with the KEF Connect app giving you access to Amazon Music, Qobuz, and Deezer as well as internet radio and podcasts.

You can use native apps on your device to stream directly from Spotify Connect, Tidal and QPlay, and it is Roon Ready. LS60 Wireless supports the streaming of PCM files up to 24bit/384kHz, as well as DSD and MQA decoding

Moreover, should you want to connect your CD player, games console or turntable to the KEF LS60 Wireless, you can, thanks to optical, coaxial, and RCA sockets. You can even hook up your telly via the HDMI (eARC) port and even add a pair of subwoofers using the sub out port on each speaker.

You can definitely hear the character of the LS50 Wireless II in the floorstanders here, but the LS60 takes things up a couple of notches, like a boxer moving up a couple of weight divisions.

KEF redefined what you should expect from an all-in-one stereo system with the LS50 Wireless and it has managed to raise the bar once again with the stunning LS60 Wireless.

The company has managed to combine impressive engineering and a comprehensive feature set with an attractive user experience and top it all off with fantastic audio quality. It’s a fine example of modern hi-fi and currently has no real rival if you’re in the market for a convenient yet premium solution.
The LS60 Wireless system is a fantastic achievement and a fitting way to celebrate KEF’s 60th anniversary.