Gold Note Giglio turntable  close up - Douglas Hifi
Gold note Giglio Turntable - Italian Wood Finish

Gold note Giglio Turntable - Italian Wood Finish

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Gold note Giglio Turntable

Belt driven Turntable made of triple isolated 20mm black acrylic plinth, 3mm Stainless steel board and machined curved Italian hardwood walnut or black painted MDF enabled the best rigidity and frequency control - Black Vinyl extra weighted Platter - 470mm Large x 360mm Deep - 12 Volt electronic PSU and Speed Control - included B5.1 tonearm and DC power supply

The Giglio turntable unveils a beautiful and powerful design carved into precious Italian walnut hardwood chosen for its exceptional elasticity, strength and elevated density. Inspired by the catenary curve philosophy, it provides elegance and first-class audio performances, delivering a pure and joyful musical experience. The Giglio, just like the whole line of turntables, is a highly eye-catching piece to add with absolute pride to any High-end System, providing a unique seducing Italian touch.