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Chord Electronics Mojo 2 - Premium Leather Case

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Chord Electronics Mojo 2 - Premium Leather Case

Designed for portable use, Mojo 2 is the ultimate DAC/Amp to use when out and about, but we all know that life is hectic and hands can be clumsy, so the law of averages tells us that, at some point, your Mojo 2 is sadly going to be the recipient of an accident. Unfortunately we’ve seen it all too often. For example, when was the last time you dropped your phone?

Whilst Chord Electronics designed Mojo 2 to be practically bulletproof, there’s no accounting for cosmetic scratches, dents, or serious G-Force so why not protect your little guy with the official hand made Chord Electronics premium Leather case for Mojo 2 and have the ultimate peace of mind? 

  • Protects your Mojo from scrapes, bumps, falls, and increased G-Force
  • The partially open-ended design allows instantaneous access to all inputs and outputs