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Gold Note DS-10 DAC / Streamer

Gold Note DS-10 DAC / Streamer

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Gold Note DS-10 DAC


The new generation Streaming DAC

The DS-10 is the new generation Streaming DAC featuring a line preamplifier and headphone output.

The DS-10 is a versatile state-of-the-art streaming DAC designed for the contemporary audiophile, it’s much more than just a DAC. The experience gained with our flagships models has inspired us to design this smaller all-in-one unit featuring DAC, Streamer, Line Preamplifier – with AES-EBU digital inputs typical of the professional market – Headphone Output, and advanced connectivity for a fresh new experience of digital music with High-End quality.

-Wi-Fi and LAN 24/192 Bluetooth 5.0 DAC & Streamer able to handle computer and NAS devices
-iOS and Android App
-Internet radio
-2x USB Host Ports, compatible with ROON, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Airplay, Spotify, V-Tuner
-DSD D/A Converter USB, 2x TOS, Coax Input and AES/EBU