Van Den Hul Twin speaker Cable (Per Metre)

Van Den Hul Twin speaker Cable (Per Metre)

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The TWIN is an entry level twin-lead AWG 16 loudspeaker cable with a good sonic quality despite its friendly price.
Originally designed for install purposes, due to high demand The TWIN is now also available for consumer applications.

In consumer applications The TWIN for instance is perfectly suited to upgrade the low-grade speaker wiring of mini-sets, external computer speakers and other low to mid-priced Hi-Fi systems where it yields noticeable sound improvements.

The Twin features high mechanical flexibility and is made of quality materials:
The Twin's multistrand high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors provide clear and accurate signal transfer from low bass to high treble and its environmentally friendly, halogen free, HULLIFLEX ® 4 jacket provides excellent protection against external mechanical and chemical influences, thus ensuring a very long life.

The TWIN's two conductors furthermore have different insulator shapes: one is round and the other has two edges with type printing on the flat surface: the most simple polarity finder you can think of.

material Copper OFC
product category speaker cable - Twin-lead, Entry-level
cable type Twin conductor
conductor material High purity OFC
design purpose Loudspeaker cable for install and consumer applications
eff conductor 2x(1.23 mm² / ~AWG 16 / 25)
external diameter 8.5 mm. wide; 3.4 mm. thick
jacket colors Red and matt-transparent
resistance 1.4 Ohm/100 m.

HULLIFLEX ® 4 / 300 Vrms min.

connector types

Our DIY Screw-On Speaker Connectors or our 4.5 mm. Ø cable entrance diameter BERRI Bus Connectors.