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Sunfire TGA7401 multi-channel (7x) 400w rms Power Amplifier (Our Choice as an Emotiva Replacement Multi Channel Amplifier)

Sunfire TGA7401 multi-channel (7x) 400w rms Power Amplifier (Our Choice as an Emotiva Replacement Multi Channel Amplifier)

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Sunfire TGA7401 multi-channel (7x) 400w rms Power Amplifier (Our Choice as an Emotiva Replacement Multi Channel Amplifier)

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Bob Carver has been an influential audio designer over many decades and has designed many products that have used unique and innovative design technologies that apply real knowledge to thinking outside of the conventional designs. Bob Carver designed an amazing technology to squeeze high powered, high current performance that is a lot more efficient in how it delivers that power - enter the "Tracking Downconverter (TDC) power supply".

Sunfire TDC Power Supply - High Efficiency Power

Sunfire's Tracking Downconverter™ power supply dynamically adjusts the output of the amplifier to suit the fluctuating requirements of the incoming audio signal. Think of it like the cruise control in your car. Let’s say you set it for 65MPH. If you start up a hill, your cruise control dynamically “steps on the gas” to provide more fuel to the engine to maintain your speed. Start down the hill and your cruise control lets up on the gas accordingly, again to maintain your desired speed.

down converter

With the Tracking Downconverter... 

on-demand power—in this case, current—is available when the amplifier needs it, and even for the most demanding sonic passages.

It always sits a mere 6 Volts above the voltage needed to send the required signal to the speaker, and this high efficiency keeps the amplifier running cool.

A Traditional Amp... 

has a power supply rail that’s parked way up high. The current required by the amp to produce the audio signal varies under that power supply rail, sometimes way below it. The difference between the instantaneous value of the current and the power supply rail has to go somewhere, so it gets converted into heat—and often a great deal of heat at that. 

Sunfire engineers took an unconventional approach to power supply design and in the process substantially reduced the wasted current and excess heat.

 (7x) 400W power in an energy efficient design

The Sunfire Grand Cinema TGA-7401 amplifier is a true 7-channel amplifier that offers a relentless 7x400 watt rms profile, earning it the title of Most Powerful Amplifier in its class. But power of this stature without equally serious control translates into trouble waiting to happen. That’s why Sunfire developed its exclusive Tracking Downconverter™ technology for the coolest, most reliable operation no matter how hot the performance gets. Having said all this, could Sunfire’s Amplifiers ever really provide you with too much power? Just turn one up and find out.

With a High Current, Low Impedance Design full MosFet Class A/B Discrete Amplifier Output Stages incorporating Protection Circuitry and featuring Dual Banana Plug Compatible Speaker Terminals. All Inputs are available as XLR or RCA for maximum connectivity options. 

Sunfire TGA7401 Specifications

  • 7 X 400W continuous per channel into 8 ohms; < 0.5% THD
  • 7 X 800W into 4 ohms
  • Tracking Downconverter (TDC) power supply
  • Signal sense or 12 V trigger turn-on
  • Great for 5 channel surround with extra stereo subzone
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 43.2 cm x 14.9 cm x 42.4 cm
  • Maximum output current 120 amps peak to peak per ch.