PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC / Preamplifier
PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC / Preamplifier

PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC / Preamplifier

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PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC / Preamplifier 

The PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell is both a great DAC as well as a fully balanced analogue pre-amp with Home Theatre Bypass. This means that whether it is slotted into a dedicated 2 channel HiFi system or as a way of improving 2 channel playback within a home theatre system - the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell will bring life, vitality, weight and realism to your music and a smile to your face.

The Stellar Gain Cell DAC combines the benefits of both a full-featured DAC and an exceptional analog preamplifier controlling its output level. Fully balanced circuitry from input to output, the Stellar Gain Cell DAC builds upon years of research and innovation in the art of digital audio and Class A analog amplification. Together, or separately, they create an extraordinarily rich, full-bodied musical experience few standalone products can match. Stellar Gain Cell DAC is the perfect foundation for those unwilling to compromise sound quality. RichLushPowerful. A music lover’s answer to spiraling cost-no-object equipment without sacrifice.

 What happens when you take a highly respected, cutting edge DAC, like our own NuWave DSD, and connect it to your power amplifier through an analog preamp? Audio nirvana.

It turns out that a great analog preamp preserves a DAC’s magic. Together, DAC and preamp form a new class of product whose sum is greater than its parts.

Stellar Gain Cell DAC. A redefined and improved NuWave DSD and a Gain Cell analog preamplifier in one chassis.

Think of the Stellar Gain Cell DAC as a complete analog control center with an exceptional performing DAC at its heart.

All the features and functions you’d ever want in a DAC are right here in Stellar. Pure DSD, asynchronous USB, Digital Lens technology, I²S to connect to our best transport, balanced throughout, analog volume control. Replace your preamplifier, your DAC—or both—and be stunned at the level of improvement when the full and rich tapestry of music surprises and delights your senses.

In the more than forty years of PS Audio’s design innovations and breakthrough products, Stellar’s groundbreaking level of performance as our gateway standalone DAC and preamplifier is unmatched for price and performance by their standalone competitors. Taken together, we’re willing to bet you’ve never heard anything quite this good at anywhere even remotely close to this price.