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Revel performa3 M106 Bookshelf Speaker black - Douglas Hifi
Revel performa3 M106 Bookshelf Speaker walnut mounted - Douglas Hifi

Revel Performa3 M106 Bookshelf Speaker

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Revel Performa3 M106 Bookshelf Speaker

*** We have 1pr  ex-display in WALNUT going out on SPECIAL ***

The Revel Performa3 range brings a true slice of high end sound into competitive price points. The M106 bookshelf speakers are relatively compact and yet are capable of a low distortion linear response that fills the listening space with a realistic and ultra wide soundstage. We have found the M106 speakers to be neutral yet still have beauty and passion to the sound. Relatively easy to drive, but deserving of a good quality amplifier the Revel M106 speakers suit a wide range of music and deliver a sound that is noticeably even handed and relatively extended for a compact speaker. Highly recommended. 

Revel Performa3 bookshelf loudspeakers are true full-range loudspeakers that feature small footprints and sleek designs, allowing them to blend-in easily with your existing décor. They deliver an impressive combination of wide frequency range, uncompressed dynamic range and low distortion across the entire audible spectrum.

Revel M106 low-frequency transducers feature distortion reduction mechanisms that stabilize the flux field during operation, assuring low distortion even at high listening volumes. These precision transducers utilize ribbed aluminum cones for ideal piston-like behavior that eliminates a major source of resonances that are clearly audible in most other loudspeakers.

The M106 is housed in enclosures that are similar to the flagship Ultima2 Series. These fully-curved enclosures are inherently stiffer than conventional box shapes and are formed with contiguous wood layers that prevent splitting. They feature strategically-oriented bracing that eliminates the possibility of enclosure-induced coloration. These beautiful, modern enclosures are finished in high-gloss piano black, high-gloss piano white or genuine American walnut in a process (developed and overseen by Italian luxury cabinet makers) that exceeds automotive finish quality.

M106 Highlights

  • Transducers feature motor-system distortion-reduction mechanisms that stabilize the flux field during operation
  • Ribbed aluminum cones achieve piston like behavior eliminating major sources of resonance
  • New waveguides provide consistent sound over a wide listening area
  • Enclosures created by Italian luxury cabinetmakers
  • Fluid-model port designs keep distortion low
  • Advanced crossovers optimize timbre accuracy both on axis and throughout the room