REL S812 Subwoofer Black Side - Douglas Hifi
REL S812 Subwoofer Black - Douglas Hifi
REL S812 Subwoofer White - Douglas Hifi

REL S/812 Subwoofer

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REL S/812 Subwoofer

*** Please call us to discuss any questions or to place an order for this model - due to dealer agreements we are unable to make this unit cartable ***

S/812 takes REL’s medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, beauty and devastating power. It delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance for both music and film sound, gives customers a taste of what our reference models offer, and does so at a fraction of the cost.

For S/812, every aspect of the previous generation’s inner workings were examined without regard to its critical and customer-driven success. We turned a fresh eye to power requirements, driver improvements, and specialty filters, upgrading each to extract all the extra performance possible. All this alongside the cabinet refinements necessary for those upgrades to emerge cleanly. This latest S range is a triumphant development that has exceeded every expectation of our design team.

-Front-firing active woofer, down-firing passive radiator
-New Perfect FilterTM delivers increased output and deeper bass
-12" long-throw Continuous CastTM alloy active driver with added carbon fibre backing for increased stiffness
-12" passive radiator with additional 8mm travel over old
-19Hz at -6dB in room response
-800 watts (RMS) NextGen5 Class D amplifier
-Wireless capability with optional 5.8 gHz AirShip transmitter RRP
-Stackable up to 3 units high for ultimate line array performance $4,799


Available in High Gloss Piano Black or White