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REL Airship Transmitter

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REL Airship Transmitter

Airship™ is our newest state of the art zero compression wireless connection for use with the latest Serie S and many more RELs to come. Our goal with this design is to wirelessly deliver a hardwired quality connection.

Designed for 212/SX, S/510 and S/812. Compatible with G1 MK II.

AirShip can also be used for high or low level and .1/LFE wireless connections for subwoofers from other manufacturers.

Only the 212/SX, S/510 and S/812 are designed to have the receiver bolt onto the back amp panel.


Airship permits simultaneous use of our new 5.8 gig connection for both HIGH-LEVEL connection AND the .1/LFE needed for high quality theater. In this way, both 2-channel music and multi-channel theater are supported simultaneously, meaning you can use your REL for any form of music or theater without adjusting anything further .


We designed and engineered Airship to deliver a simple, elegant pairing that operates as smoothly as it looks. Just plug both in within a few seconds of each other, push a button and the Airship seeks out its mating receiver and pairs with it. Standard time to pair is less than 5 seconds.



Optional AirShip transmitter for compression free 5.8 gHz wireless transmission of .1LFE and high level connections Suits S/510, S/812 & 212/SX. Compatible with G1 MkII RRP


Available in Black