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REL 212/XS Subwoofer - Douglas Hifi

REL 212/SX Subwoofer

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REL 212/XS Subwoofer

212/SX builds on the strengths of the legendary 212/SE. Upgraded alloy drivers with carbon fiber blades are stronger, a new flat passive radiator extends even deeper and our PerfectFilter™ delivers crushing low bass with greater speed and air, taking 212/SX well beyond its illustrious predecessor.


At REL, a deeper understanding of quality underpins everything we do. So, whilst 212/SX thunders and shakes foundations, it also resolves detail and restores midrange warmth to its correct balance. At 1,000 watts with (4) 12” (350mm) drivers, 212/SX drives rooms hard and in multiple modes which allows it to create richer bass everywhere in a room



-Two front-firing active woofers, rear and down-firing passive radiators
-New! REL's most powerful and agile subwoofer
-12" long-throw Continuous CastAlloy active drivers with additional 12mm stroke, improved suspension & carbon fiber blades
-New double-spider, 12" passive radiators with additional 30mm travel
-18Hz at -6dB in room response
-Newly refined ultra-fast filters
-1,000 watts (RMS) Next Gen II Class D amplifier RRP
-Wireless capability with optional 5.8 gHz AirShip transmitter $7,999


Available in High Gloss Piano Black