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Rega Elicit-R 2 ch HiFi amp with Phono Stage (rear) | Douglas HiFi Perth
Rega Elicit-R 2 ch HiFi amp with Phono Stage (2) | Douglas HiFi Perth

Rega Elicit-R Integrated Amplifier w/built in MM Phono stage - Ex-Display

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Rega Elicit-R Integrated Amplifier - ExDisplay - One Only

*** Last of Model Clearout ***   

   One Ex-Display unit ONLY

Rega are well known for a great history of Turntable design going back decades... well over the last 10 years they have also designed some of the best sounding 2 channel HiFi amplifiers that stick to a simple design : all analogue with great in-built phono stage.

The baby Brio has garnered numerous best buy awards at it's price point. Rega also have several models up from Brio that build upon the fundamentals yet bring a lot more control, depth and width to the sound (as well as more power).  Here we have the Elicit-R which brings the famous Rega musical sound up the range into another best in class product.

The output amplifier used in the Elicit-R was born after extensive research by Rega engineers to develop a low source Class-A* driver stage based around a complementary pair of Darlington output transistors forming an emulated Class-A driver stage.

The Elicit-includes a high quality built in moving magnet phono stage designed to maximise the potential of your vinyl system. A simple switch on the rear panel allows the same input to be switched to a secondary set at line level. This input is specially configured to offer further isolation and reduce noise. This makes it ideally suited for connection of more sensitive products such as an external MM or MC phono stage.

If your system is not vinyl based the same socket allows this line input to be used with any line level product (such as a CD player or DAC) ensuring maximised connectivity via the back panel. These features coupled with Polypropylene capacitors throughout the signal path, improved power supplies, increased output power to 100 watts per channel all housed in a brand new custom designed case combine to give the best performance Elicit to date.