REGA Elicit Mk5 Amplifier Award Winner - Douglas HiFi Perth
REGA Elicit Mk5 Amplifier (rear) - Douglas HiFi Perth
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REGA Elicit Mk5 Amplifier Award Winner - Douglas HiFi Perth

REGA Elicit Mk5 Stereo HiFi Amplifier with DAC and MM phono

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REGA Elicit Mk5 Stereo HiFi Amplifier with DAC and MM phono

The new REGA Elicit Mk5 has been released and is more flexible and better performing than ever, making it one of the best at the price. REGA amplifiers have always had an open sound with great timing and a big soundstage to give music plenty of space to breathe. The new Elicit Mk5 brings a revised amplifier section coupled to a built in DAC making the Elicit even more flexible than previous models.

REGA Elicit Mk5 DAC 

The digital-to-analogue module is a hybrid design that combines aspects from the company’s well-respected standalone DAC-R and its Apollo and Saturn CD players to produce what the company feels is an appropriate solution for this amplifier. This digital circuit is compatible with signals of up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM for HiRes audio streamer compatability. The Wolfson DAC module is a good one - It has a lively and punchy character that sits comfortably beside the analogue line stages. Detail levels and dynamic contrasts are strong by the standards of built-in circuits such as this.

REGA Elicit Mk5 Circuit Design for Musicality

The Elicit MK5 now shares other design features taken directly from the highly acclaimed Aethos amplifier. You will find the same discrete FET based pre-amplifier circuit, plus an Alps volume potentiometer has been introduced to further improve sonic and technical performance. As you would expect, special attention has been paid to the selection of key audio components. Discrete circuitry, high-quality relays, polypropylene capacitors, and Sanken output transistors are used throughout the design. 

The galvanically/optically isolated digital inputs utilise a Wolfson S/PDIF receiver IC to provide exceptional detail and clarity from any connected source. Output is provided by a Wolfson DAC and Rega designed discrete line-driver circuit. The new Elicit MK5 calls upon decades of award-winning experience in amplifier and digital circuit design which culminates in a perfectly engineered balance of reliability, connectivity and above all, accurate music reproduction.

REGA Elicit Mk5 Analogue Features and Phono Input

The Elicit Mk5 has five line-level inputs, a low noise/high quality moving magnet phono stage, a high grade headphone output and a range of signal outputs (fixed and variable) for external power amps and audio recorders. It also features a 'Direct In' which enables the REGA to be used as a straight stereo power amplifier or in a Home Theatre Bypass set-up. 

The new Elicit MK5 calls on decades of electronic design experience. It is a complex blend of three of REGA's most successful products which promises to deliver big on sound, power, features and style. The Elicit MK5 is capable of driving difficult loudspeakers with ease and will integrate perfectly into any audio system by offering a wide range of connectivity options. In addition to line, digital, and a high-quality moving magnet (MM) phono input, you will also find pre-out, Direct in, Record loop functionality and the high-performance headphone input.

Elicit Mk5 Specifications

  • 105 W per channel into 8 Ω
  • High quality moving magnet phono stage
  • 2 x Digital inputs - 1 x optical and 1 x Co-Axial
  • High performance Rega DAC circuit for digital inputs
  • 4 Line level inputs
  • Headphone input
  • Direct Input
  • Record input
  • New advanced pre-amplifier
  • Alps volume potentiometer
  • Thermal Cut-Out
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects