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PS Audio PerfectWave SACD/CD Transport

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PS Audio PerfectWave SACD/CD Transport

The PS Audio PerfectWave transport is a true audiophile optical disc transport built from the ground up to get all the information and musicality out of any CD or SACD disc.

Unleash all that's been missing in your CD collection and, for the first time, hear what has been locked away on your SACD layer.

Locked inside your CD and SACD collection is a wealth of music you’ve not yet heard. How do we know that? Because we, like you, know what to expect from our reference discs. Imagine our surprise and delight as the first notes played on our new, galvanically isolated, PerfectWave SACD Transport. It was love at first listen. The PerfectWave SACD player is an engineering triumph—our finest achievement in musical reproduction and information retrieval from optical media.  Breathe new life into your CD collection played through any DAC. Send the raw DSD layer of SACD into your I2S input DAC so you can hear, for the first time, what’s long been unavailable to external DACs in these high-resolution discs.


38 years after the introduction of the CD, PS engineers have continued our quest for perfection in the art of data extraction and delivery so you can finally hear what's been locked away in your CD and SACD collection. The PerfectWave SACD Transport (PST) is our most advanced optical disc transport. New to this model—and for that matter, any disc player ever made—is our galvanically isolated output stage. By coupling the output of the drive mechanism to the PST's internal Digital Lens by nothing more than a pulse of energy across space, any hints of noise or ground contamination are eliminated. The results of this complete isolation are magical: a previously unheard level of image separation, openness, and effortless reproduction. Never have we experienced noise levels this low—a seemingly velvet blackness that must be experienced to understand.


CD, data discs, and SACD reproduction is unequaled by any other player we know of. CDs played through PST come closer than ever to high-resolution PCM and DSD, uncovering new layers of dimensionality, soundstage, depth and musicality previously unobtainable in other optical readers or server based audio systems. Like its predecessor, DMP, PST opens the long restricted DSD layer of SACD to PS Audio DACs. PST will deliver the raw DSD layer of copyright protected SACD directly into your PS Audio DAC through I2S. This means that for the first time you'll uncover the wealth of audio's finest digital medium, DSD, and hear exactly what the mastering engineers who created these discs have enjoyed all along. Hear what you've been missing with the PerfectWave SACD Transport.

SACD Pure DSD Layer

The Sony/Philips introduction of the SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) in 1999 heralded a new format of high-performance audio. Not since the original introduction of the Compact Disc in 1982 had there been a major improvement in the performance of digital audio. With the SACD, digital audio took a major leap forward, surpassing not only the Compact Disc but, to many, the performance of analog. The technology behind the SACD is DSD, a high-sample rate (2.8mHz or 64 times that of a CD) 1-bit recording system that achieves 120dB of signal to noise ratio and dynamic performance without any hint of digital glare. Unfortunately, the DSD layer on SACDs is locked and cannot be extracted from the disc for playback on an external DAC. That was until the introduction of the PS Audio PerfectWave SACD Transport. PST is able, through the use of our I2S output, to directly connect the DSD layer to a PS Audio enabled DAC. The results are breathtaking. Now, for the first time, SACD owners can connect directly to the master quality source locked onto the SACD's master layer. This is a major triumph for music lovers around the world. Hear for the first time what mastering engineers get to enjoy. The pure DSD Master layer.

Winner of the 2021 Golden Ear Award from The Absolute Sound