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PS Audio BHK 300 Mono Block Power Amplifiers (stereo pair)

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PS Audio BHK 300 Mono Block Power Amplifiers

PS Audio has done it again - made a world class product at a breakthrough price point. We have heard many, many different amplifiers over the last 30 years and these are right up there with the best sounding at ANY price. The BHK amplifiers feature a balanced hybrid tube input with a robust, reliable and powerful MOSFET output. If you want to hear how good a speaker can sound - you need to hear it hooked up to these mono block beauties. They can drive all kinds of speakers including Electrostatic panels that seem problematic to many modern amp designs.

The BHK Signature 250 and 300 power amplifiers are the culmination of one man’s half-century search for perfection in music’s reproduction. Bascom H. King has designed amplifiers for many companies, some selling in excess of $100,000, including: Constellation Audio, Marantz, Infinity, and Conrad Johnson. This is the first amplifier Bascom felt was good enough to lend his name to. It is his finest achievement in a lifetime of work.

Available in both stereo and mono models, the BHK Signature series is unparalleled in its ability to render details formerly lost in the music. The BHK Signature is a hybrid design enjoying performance benefits from multiple design techniques including, a balanced differential vacuum tube input, balanced differential MOSFET power outputs, and separate, isolated, analog power supplies feeding each.

When it comes to musically controlling and powering loudspeakers, the BHK Signature has no peer. The stereo Signature 250 produces 250 watts/per channel into an eight-Ohm loudspeaker, 500 watts/channel into four-Ohms, and stable into 2-Ohms; enough power to satisfy even the hungriest of loads.

The Mono Signature 300 doubles the output current with half the impedance of the stereo model. Each Mono Signature produces 300 watts into an eight-Ohm loudspeaker, 600 watts into four-Ohms, and 1000 watts into 2-Ohms.  But more than just doubling the current, the BHK Signature 300 also doubles every internal component of the 250 into one: double tubes, double power supplies, transistors, capacitors and resistors. The results are hard to put into words. The BHK Signature 300 is easily twice as clear, twice as open, significantly more musical than its stereo counterpart. And what is truly remarkable is the Signature 250 is one of the best performing, musical sounding amplifiers ever made. Imagine your delight listening to either.