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  • PMC Twenty5.23
  • PMC Twenty5.23
  • PMC Twenty5.23

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The twenty5 series is the culmination of a quarter of a century of research, obsessive design and craft to produce the very finest loudspeakers for home listening. Every element in the design has been considered in order to create finely tuned, transparent speakers capable of revealing music’s subtlest shades and deeply emotional details.

PMC Twenty5.23 Floorstanding Speakers

Arguably the most elegant model in the range, the twenty5.23 takes the speed, transparency and sophistication of thetwenty5.21 and adds greater bass extension and power. And yet its slim-line form doesn’t mean it can’t move you. No matter what type of music you love, the twenty5.23 will let you absorb the quietest and most dramatic moments without missing a beat, and its realism with vocals puts you in the best seat in the house.

Available in a range of finishes  (OAK not available)

WalnutAmaroneDiamond BlackOak

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