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PASS Labs X250.8 Amplifier

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PASS Labs X250.8 Amplifier

Pass Labs make some of the finest HiFi audio electronics in the industry. Continually on the "Reccomended Components" lists of Sterophile and The Absolute Sound magazine  you really need to hear the beautiful music making magic that PASS Labs products bring to any HiFi system.

The PASS Labs X250.8 stereo power amplifier continues the Nelson Pass tradition of making amplifiers that get on with the job of getting out the way and just letting music flow out into the room.  Being a step up in power from the 150.8 model the 250.8 increases power output to 250W (as well as increasing the number of output devices from 40 output devices to 56) and also utilising around 15W of Class A before moving into AB the PASS Labs 250.8 enjoys a bit of the Nelson Class A 'magic' that he is so famous for providing. Like any other PASS amplifier we have heard the wattage rating seems superfluous as this amp sounds effortless and seems to be unfazed by what speaker it is connected to. With 250W into 8 ohms and 500W into 4 ohms the X250.8 has the power, control and finesse to handle larger rooms and/or more power hungry speakers.

The PASS Labs sound is a fine mix of solid state grip, dynamics and reliability paired to a grounded, warm and tube like lower mid and vocal. The X250.8 has a beautifully open soundstage that manages to relay convincing width, depth and the ever allusive height element too... This seems to help not only high quality audiophile recordings sound great, but also standard recordings and pop music get treated well too.

The build quality of a PASS Labs product needs to be seen in the flesh to be truly appreciated - beautifully engineered and solid.