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PASS Labs INT250 Class A / AB Integrated Amplifier - 250W RMS Power
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PASSLabs INT250 Integrated Amplifier (Bias Meter) | Douglas HiFi Perth
PASSLabs INT250 Integrated Amplifier front | Douglas HiFi Perth

PASS Labs INT250 Class A / AB Integrated Amplifier - 250W RMS Power

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PASS Labs INT250 Class A / AB Integrated Amplifier - 250W RMS Power

Pass Labs make some of the finest HiFi audio electronics in the industry. Continually on the "Reccomended Components" lists of Sterophile and The Absolute Sound magazine  you really need to hear the beautiful music making magic that PASS Labs products bring to any HiFi system.

Douglas HiFi PASS Labs INT250 Notes : The PASS INT250 is one of the finest sounding integrated amplifiers that we have ever heard - it is both muscular and effortless as well as warm, intimate and detailed. The INT250 delivers the first 15W in pure Class A and then seamlessly switches to a 250W powerhouse to run every speaker we have tried with ease and plenty of headroom. We have also found that the INT250 sounds astonishingly good even at a very low listening level - in control yet warm and full. The INT250 lays out a huge soundstage that does not collapse as the volume goes up and it maintains a holographic midrange with a hint of warmth that makes listening for long sessions an absolute pleasure. Oh - and did we mention subterranean Bass control? This amp will deliver bass that you have likely never heard out of your speakers before. The INT250 is end game stuff in regards to sound quality and power in a one box solution. It can run any speaker I can think of - and run it to any sane and safe volume level with any music whilst sounding beautiful and in control. 

Like the PASS Labs INT 60, the INT 250 utilizes the synergies developed in the .8 series power amplifiers. Unlike the INT 60, however, it brings 250 watts per channel of listening pleasure. With higher power MOSFETs and more of them, the INT 250 drives large, demanding and relatively inefficient loudspeakers at higher volumes without batting an eyelash, singing beautifully. Just incredible music from one component. Many HiFi critics claim that the INT250 is possibly the best integrated amplifier they have ever heard - and we agree.

The PASS Labs INT250 has 4 Line level inputs (2 of which are Balanced XLR or RCA) and also features pre outs (again - on Balanced XLR or RCA). 

The INT250 has been lab bench tested by HiFi News magazine - and they found that the 250W specification is met at 2x255W/8ohm and 2x397W/4ohm RMS with sufficient headroom to accommodate 325W, 605W and 755W into 8, 4 and 2ohm loads up to 1% THD under dynamic conditions.

"The INT-250 is a force to reckon with. With musicality that is second to none, it operates at the outer limits of what is currently possible in today’s integrated amplifier marketplace. It does have rivals breathing down its neck, and it’s heavy lifting both physically and financially, but overall I simply don’t know of a better integrated amplifier in the world today."

(The Absolute Sound - Neil Gader)

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