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Mytek Manhattan DAC II - Ultra Resolution PreAmp/DAC/Headphone Amp w/Streaming option

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Mytek Manhattan DAC II - Ultra Resolution PreAmp/DAC/Headphone Amp w/Streaming option

Mytek Europe (HEM) is the original Mytek brand made famous throughout both the HiFi world as well as in Professional sound recording studios throughout the world. HEM, the company responsible for designing, manufacturing and distributing the acclaimed Mytek brand for more than 20 years has built their name on world class studio DACs that are equally at home in HiFi systems around the globe. 

The Mytek Manhattan DAC II brings studio grade, high resolution, musical digital audio into the home. One of the strengths of the Manhattan II is the breathy/in-the-room quality to vocals... so much detail and expression that it is easy to forget that it is recorded music not the artist performing in your lounge room. The Manhattan II uses the latest Sabre 9038 DAC chipset, which is capable of 130dB dynamic range. To time the new Sabre DAC Mytek employs a “femto clock” in its Crystek C777 clocking architecture, which delivers 0.82ps internal jitter. Capable of PCM up to 384/32, and DSD256 (11.2MHz) the Manhattan II DAC also has the ability to do a complete decoding of MQA-encoded sources internally.

The Manhattan DAC II is far more than just an upgrade. It was redesigned from scratch to give the mark II real relevance. So apart from more resolution and detail, you get an unheard transparency from its analog preamp stage. The dot-matrix display presents all relevant information in a way you can still see it from your listening position, or dim it, whatever suits you best. Because when you are done setting your system up, you are going to enjoy your music as never before. The Manhattan DAC II will satisfy all your audiophile needs. Explore TIDAL’s Master catalogue of MQA encoded (Master Quality Authenticated) music to find out what the artist heard when he made his master recording. Listen to the built in hardware MQA decoder doing its magic with the deblurring and unfolding process. Or just enjoy the hi-res music on Qobuz, Deezer or even Spotify. Via your computer, or via our optional Roon ready streaming network card. Especially for vinyl lovers we’ve redesigned our optional MM/MC phono preamp card.

Hi-res DA converter

The Manhattan DAC II is one of the most powerful DA converters in and above its price range. The state of the art ESS Sabre 9038PRO chipset handles resolutions up to 32bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD up to DSD256 and DXD with a dynamic range of 130dB. Listen to the built in hardware MQA decoder doing its magic with the deblurring and unfolding process. Or just enjoy the hi-res music on Qobuz, Deezer or even Spotify. You’ll be more than amazed.


The Manhattan DAC II has you covered. You can connect to your home network via our optional Roon ready network card to play up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD64 flawlessly. Connected via USB you are able to play up to 384kHz and DSD256, via AES/EBU up to 384kHz and DCD128, S/PDIF up to 192kHz and DSD128, TOSlink up to DSD256. The analog line inputs can be expanded with an optional phono connection.

Balanced, Dual Mono design and Femtoclock Generator

The internal circuitry of the Manhattan DAC II is fully balanced and dual mono to ensure the most proper way of handling the audio signal. The Mytek Femtoclock Generator eliminates internal jitter to a measly 0.82 pico seconds.


Apart from being a powerful hi-res DA converter with streaming capabilities, the Manhattan DAC II can also directly power your active loudspeakers or power amplifiers through its balanced or unbalanced outputs. The volume for both headphones and main outputs can be handled both digital and analogue in very precise 1dB steps.

Easy operation

We’ve presented the wide range of musical playback options the Manhattan DAC II has to offer, so this is where the ease of use comes in. Via four buttons and a rotary push dial you can control all functions and clearly see what you are doing in the dot-matrix display. You’ll be amazed of how fast you can control complex options, to suit your every audiophile needs.

Easy on the eyes, feast for the ears

While you are bound te rediscover your own music collection because of the sheer audiophile musicality of the Manhattan DAC II, you’ll be pleased to notice you can read the display from far away. And when you are done reading, you can dim it altogether to utterly and deeply be immersed in musical bliss.

Headphone amplifier

The Manhattan DAC II also comes with a reference high current, high transient headphone amplifier to which you can connect two headphones simultaneously. Via an optional cable you can combine the two jack outputs to one truly balanced one. The headphone amplifier outputs 500mA/6W and is designed to drive the most demanding of headphones.


When streaming music or listening from a digital source doesn’t do it for you, you can connect your turntable to the Manhattan DAC II’s analogue inputs of the optional phono card. Simply switch them from line to phono MM or MC via the menu options and enjoy your analogue music captured on vinyl. The phono section sports a custom nickel core step up transformer, is relay switched and has fully tunable RIAA curves and a choice of gain settings to accommodate most if not all cartridges.



  • full width form factor
  • for the most demanding audiophile music lover
  • six digital and three analog inputs (1x balanced)
  • large dot matrix display
  • optional network card for wired connection (roon ready certified)
  • optional card with high end MM/MC phono preamp
  • balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • two headphones outputs (one when balanced)
  • for hi-res playback, including MQA
  • discrete dual mono balanced design
  • low jitter design (0.82ps)
  • precise analog or digital volume control
  • matt black, frosted silver and gold silver
  • solid aluminium front, sides and top lid
  • 115~240V AC input
  • weight: 8,0 kg
  • dimensions: 432 x 267 x 50mm