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Michell Gyro SE Turntable

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Michell Gyro SE Turntable

The GyroDec SE does not include a tonearm as standard

The Micell GyroDec is on of the most iconic and recognisable turntables that is just captivating to watch it in action. The sound from the three point sprung suspended turntable is smooth and dynamic with a particularly good soundstage (width and depth). The Gyro SE continues the tradition of the Michell Engineering team into a slightly more compact model without sacrificing much from the full GyroDec. The Gyro SE is a variation of the GyroDec design. Doing away with the full size acrylic plinth and hinged lid of the Gyrodec and replacing them with a single acrylic spyder to support the turntable. This was done to reduce the overall size of the GyroDec and create a smaller more compact turntable. Implementing an external system to reduce vibration and then paired with the optional Tecnoarm "A" tonearm the Gyro SE looks beautiful and sounds great.


  • Low contact area feet: The solid aluminium feet of the turntable are shaped so the area in contact with the supporting surface is very small, this is done to minimise the transfer of vibrations from the supporting furniture into the turntable.
  • Three point spring suspension system: Three suspension towers are fixed to the acrylic base to hold the suspension springs in place and provide height adjustment for the sub chassis.
  • Weighted pendulum style sub chassis
  • Inverted oil circulating main bearing
  • Impendance-matched platter with solid brass weights
  • Free standing motor unit


 SUGGESTED Tonearm : Michell Tecnoarm 2

Michell Engineering have the Tecnoarm 2 developed as a matching piece to the vinyl playing puzzle - The Tecno Arm 2 is a fundamental mechanical rebuild
of the well-known Rega tonearm, to which is added monolithic wiring of the highest quality.
The arm tube is bead-blasted and perforated, which disperses structural resonances and yields a lower effective mass. The arm wand is internally damped to reduce resonance further, and the headshell is machined flat, to
allow true azimuth relative to the bearing cradle. After modification the bearings are readjusted for highest possible performance, according to original Rega procedures.


• One-piece perforated arm casting with internal foam
• Proprietary silver litz cable in a continuous run from
cartridge to amplifier
• PTFE dielectric, metal braided shielding, separate
ground wire
• Silver-plated cartridge clips and phono plugs
• Two counterweights, matching cartridges of 4-7g and 7-
• Vertical tracking force adjuster in steps of 0.1g
• Vertical tracking angle adjuster
• Finger locknut for easy arm removal or VTA adjustment