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Lehmann Audio Black - Cube - Statement Phono Preamp (Internal View) - Douglas HiFi Perth
Lehmann Audio Black - Cube - Statement Phono Preamp (Input/rear) - Douglas HiFi Perth

Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement Phono Pre-Amp

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The Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement Phono Pre-Amp is a high-grade German-made audio device, perfect for entry-level audiophiles. It features both MM and MC, and has been lauded for its classic design. Award-winning and highly recommended, this Phono Pre-Amp delivers premium sound quality at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement Phono Pre-Amp

Founded in 1988, Germany’s Lehmann Audio offers an extensive series of phono stages which employ technology drawn from its pro-audio range of mixing consoles and the like. All Lehmann phono stages are based around passive RIAA filter designs and, according to Lehmann, the differences between models can be found ‘in the quality of the parts and/or in the grade of sophistication of the circuit design.’ You can certainly tell that phono preamps are Lehmann’s speciality when putting it through its paces. Instruments and vocals sounded accurate, having a ‘studiolike’ honesty. The design uses two dual op amps, one for the first gain stage, both channels and one for the output stage both channels. Gold plated sockets are soldered direct to the board - it all looks neat, well thought out and functional.

The Black Cube Statement is the entry-level model in the Black Cube series. With the usual high-grade quality of workmanship and the sophisticated circuit design this phono preamp is hardly inferior to its large siblings – and saves your budget!

The Black Cube Statement will impress you – no matter if you are a newbie to the high-end sector or a returner. Your favourite LPs shine in new splendor and new acquisitions really come into their own now. That way collecting records is truly great fun again!

Welcome to the World of better sounding Vinyl Playback

With an excellent price-performance ratio the term “entry-level model“ is fundamentally redefined. The use of high-quality long-life components from selected manufacturers is self-evident for us so that already the smallest phono preamp of our Black Cube series will bring you the captivating magic of analogue reproduction. Needless to say that all components we use have been designed with longevity and dependability in mind.

"Sensational bargain for beginners."


Manufacturer Burr Brown supplies us with – sonically outstanding – gain stages. For the passive RIAA filter network we use high-grade, transient-resistant foil capacitors with narrow tolerance. That way we can ensure that transients, dynamics and sonic timbres will get straight to the listener in a genuine manner. For the bass decoupling between the linear gain stages we use MKP types. Furthermore, all electrolytic capacitors are low-ESR types, all resistors are low-noise metal film versions. We only use switches with gold-plated contacts for toggling between gain or impedance settings resp.

A comfortable all-rounder for MM or MC cartridges

The Black Cube Statement can handle all common cartridges on the market, from high-output MM to MC. Practical, most common MC impedances are directly selectable. In addition each channel features a slot for the solder-free plug-in of a custom impedance via resistors. 

Black Cube Statement - Made in Germany 

The Lehmannaudio Black Cube Statement has been introduced to set standards again. Since the market introduction in 1995 the Black Cube phono stages by Lehmannaudio have become cult objects for analog oriented music lovers. Countless positive reviews and awards on all five continents as well as an unrivalled customer satisfaction worldwide document this truly exceptional success.

The Lehmannaudio Black Cube Statement phono stage is compatible with practically all available cartridges on the market from high output MM to MC. Apart from the standard switch settings there is one onboard slot that can be fitted with a custom impedance to supply perfect termination even for the most exotic cartridges.

The Black Cube Statement uses a double sided circuit board and comprises audiophile Burr Brown gain stages. The entirely passive RIAA equalization network is realized with high precision foil capacitors, for bass coupling even MKPs are used! Only Low ESR electrolytic caps are used throughout the circuit. All resistors are of the low noise metal film variety. The DIP-switches for gain and load settings have gold plated contacts. Power is provided through an external over dimensioned AC adaptor.

Hi-finews Highly Commended 2012


Black Cube Statement Specifications