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Knosti Disco AntiStat Manual Record Cleaner (inc. 1L Tonar Fluid)

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Knosti Disco AntiStat Manual Record Cleaner (inc. 1L Tonar Record Cleaning Fluid)

“Sonically, it had to be said, the Disco-Antistat did a better job than the Spin-Clean” – Paul Rigby, Hi-Fi World

The kit is supplied with the wash cradle, spindle, a drying rack and a 1-litre bottle of “Tonar Record Cleaning Fluid”.   The drying rack is certainly part of the process also, so the inclusion at this price point is certainly appreciated.

Four reasons why Knosti’s Disco-Antistat is the better ‘bath-type’ manual record cleaner
1. Knosti uses real goat hair brushes. Bristles penetrate grooves deeper than a felt pad, therefore giving a better clean and are naturally Anti Static
2. Knosti’s label clamp helps protect the record label from fluid during cleaning
3. No need to manually dry records after cleaning (inc. Drying rack for up to 15 records)
4. No rollers or brushes to replace

Clean Records Sound Better (even new ones)

This fantastic manually-operated machine is a dream come true for vinylphiles around the world and bridges the gap between the 'cloth and fluid' group of cleaners and the expensive machines.
Made in Germany

The affordable record cleaner.

How does it work?

The label clamp is screwed onto the record until firm, to protect the label against the fluid. The record (with clamp attached) is then inserted into the cleaning trough, which has been filled to the height of the goat hair brushes with Mixture.
With the clamp's spindle resting in the notches on the top of the cleaning trough, the record is rotated through it's axis, several turns in each direction to dislodge dirt.
The cleaned record is then placed in the drying rack until completely dry, before popping it into a new inner sleeve (or playing it!).