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KEF Q350 Award Winning BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS (pr)

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KEF Q350 Award Winning BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS (pr)


KEF has been making world class award winning speakers since 1961. With the latest eighth generation UniQ driver the new Q series will amaze.

If space is limited the Q350 will not limit your musical enjoyment, a Uni-Q driver and clever port design let it open up the sound.

With KEF's signature Uni-Q driver array and a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) port, the Q350s deliver detailed natural sound with high clarity and tight bass.

"The KEF Q350s stay clear of sounding too clinical - they’re simply articulate in the way they deliver every single note. Voices sound clear and characterful, and the integration between midrange and treble is seamless. It’s hard to pinpoint where one begins and the other ends – a testament to just how well the Uni-Q driver is tuned. It serves to make rival Dynaudio Emit M20s sound a touch rough around the edges. The scale of sound is huge, too. The extra cabinet volume gives the KEFs the ability to fill a room even more easily than the Dynaudios. You can accurately pinpoint instruments on the Q350s’ airy and open soundstage."

WhatHiFi Review 2019

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