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Gold Note A6 EVO Loudspeakers Black Glossy

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Gold Note A6 EVO Loudspeakers Black Glossy


Italian Floor-Standing Speaker
A slim loudspeaker with a modern Italian look for excellent sound performances.

A6 EVO is a new floor standing speaker, inspired by the previous A6-XL model, which offers greatly improved performances while retaining some distinctive features such as the sub woofer integrated into the cabinet that allows a great bass extension and a dynamic response even with a decidedly low volume and thus excelling in its category. The modern aesthetic and the furniture finishes are of highest quality, distinguishing the elegance of our brand and providing an unalterable quality over time. Bring the Italian music experience into your home and enjoy a natural and smooth sound!

Made in Italy

Design, elegance and quality at the top of the category. A6 EVO are made by the best Italian cabinet makers.

Big Soundstage

With measurements similar to the ones of a bookshelf speaker, A6 EVO performs a surprising lower extension thanks to its integrated sub-woofer.

Medium Spaces

A loudspeaker specifically designed for middle sized listening rooms. Positioned not too far the posterior wall, A6 EVO performs incredibly clean, analytic and powerful mid-ranges.

Great Sound Quality

The High-End audio quality and the unexpected extension of the bandwidth turn it into a complete loudspeaker in every respect.


- 4Ω - 3way rear/bottom bass reflex tower
– 1” dome Black Glossy 10.950,00 Tweeter
- 2x5” Mid-Woofer
– 6,5” symmetrical subwoofer
– Diamond shaped lacquered side panels