Gold Note XT-7 Loudspeaker Black - Douglas Hifi
Gold Note XT-7 Loudspeaker Side black - Douglas Hifi
Gold Note XT-7 Loudspeaker Side walnut - Douglas Hifi

Gold Note XT-7 Loudspeakers

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Gold Note XT-7 Loudspeakers


Italian Floor-Standing Speaker

A full range, 3 way speaker with anti-turbulence rear bass reflex and an unmistakable look inspired by the Tuscan landscape.

 XT-7 is a full range, 3 way speaker with anti-turbulence rear bass reflex and a ribbon tweeter designed for real audiophiles. The unique XT curved design is based on a reinforced cabinet in wooden multilayer panels to control resonances and sound, a design where every single element is crucial and serve the sole purpose of achieving the best sound. Developed by extremely skilled Italian engineers and created by the best Italian cabinet makers, this loudspeaker will underline your taste for beautiful things combined with state-of-the-art technology being the highlight of any High-End stereo system.

Made in Italy

Iconic design, high-quality materials and extreme care during assembly. XT-7 is the voice of Italy.

Medium Spaces

A loudspeaker specifically designed for middle sized listening rooms. Positioned near the posterior wall, XT-7 has a good sensitivity and remarkable dynamics and detail.

Easy Listening

Quick and speedy reproduction together with a balanced timbre and low distortion make of this loudspeaker a product able to gift hours and hours of good music without any listening fatigue.

Big Soundstage

With a “panoramic“ system on the horizontal level it is able to recreate a realistic virtual soundstage freed from the limits of the listening room.


-3 way tower
-1 Ribbon Tweeter
-1x5" Woven hardened Polypropylene Mid
-2x6" woven hardened polypropylene woofer
-Bi-wiring GN binding posts


-Glossy Black
-White or Matt
-Walnut side panels