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Gold Note Valore 425 Plus Turntable Black Lacquer Finish

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Gold Note Valore 425 Plus Turntable Black Lacquer Finish

Italians are very competitive people and if we’ve designed the Valore 425 PLUS, it is to beat the industrial Hi-Fi brands on their own battlefield, with a remarkable Italian hand-made yet affordable product. This elegant and modern turntable stands out in a crowded market were the Italian know-how gives incomparable advantage. No economical pieces, no chain production are part of our entry level turntable simply because we do things in a different way, with an uncommon passion and simply with other goals that cannot be reached by cold industrial production. Viva l’Italia, viva la musica!

Belt driven rigid Turntable made of 30mm MDF plinth 

-Acrylic Platter

-Supplied with 9" B-5 arm and Dust Cover 

-425mm Large x360mm Deep 

-12 Volt External PSU and Speed Control

Italian Design

A minimalist approach and attention to detail are behind the modern beauty of this turntable paying tribute to Italy’s great design tradition.

Motor with micro-controller

Equipped with a 12V synchronous motor, driven by a proprietary power supply run by a micro-controller which electronically controls the velocity 33/45RPM.

Fine Materials

Fine woods chosen for their elevated stability and ideal structural characteristics. The elegant rectangular shape creates a classic look.

Ready to Play

Out of the box thanks to the full package offered with the turntable including B-5 tonearm and hand-made removable dust cover made of plexiglass.


-Black Lacquer