Gold Note Tube-1012 Tube Stage Gold - Douglas Hifi
Gold Note Tube-1012 Tube Stage Black  - Douglas Hifi

Gold Note Tube 1012 Tube Stage Add On

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Gold Note Tube 1012 Tube Stage Add On

Thanks to the Gold Note modular design, the Gold Note 1000 series Hifi-Electronics with the Vacuum Tube Output Stages can now be enhanced with the sound of the valves. Upgrade your Gold Note system with the Vacuum Tube Output stages to combine the best of two technologies, Solid State and Tube, and achieve perfect synergy.

TUBE-1012 match all Gold Note electronics as well as those from other manufacturers.

Totem Pole

Our proprietary technology guarantees ultra-wide bandwidth and extra-low distortion to extract the finest details from the audio signal.

INPUT Selection

Featuring a dedicated IN button to switch between inputs using the TUBE INPUT for Gold Note electronics and the LINE INPUT for electronics from other manufacturers, so you can connect up to two sources.

Modular Design

TUBE-1012 can be matched with: CD-1000, DS-1000, P-1000 e PH-1000

 -Class A Tube Output Unit
-Tube stage matches all 1000 series sources and preamplifier featuring multiple inductive power supply powering 12 tube 
-Tube output stage enhancing audio performance