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Gold Note PSU-1 Power Supply

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Gold Note PSU-1 Power Supply

The PSU-1 super inductive external power supply is specifically designed for the PH-1 phono stage and is made exclusively with the best audio-grade components to increase the PH-1 phono stage performance and reach a new level of musical pleasure: thanks to the super external power supply it will be possible to get the most out of PH-1 and venture into an even more satisfying and unique vinyl listening experience.


To achieve superior sound quality, PSU-1 has been developed with inductive design: thanks to our double inductive filter the electrical energy is supplied to obtain the best operating conditions of PH-1. With the help of the external power supply PH-1 will be able to express its musicality even better while extracting every little detail from the vinyl. 

Super External Inductive Power Supply to match the PH1 phono preamplifier