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Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage

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Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage

MM & MC ultra low noise
-two separate RCA inputs + one MC XLR input
-RCA and XLR balanced Output 
-6 positions selectable Gain
-9db to +6db 
-12 Selectable load 10/100kohm and variable
-12 Equalization curves with enhanced + 4 
-Graphical colour display
-MC 65dB MC and MM 40db (variable)

RCA and XLR inputs

Connect up to three cartridges at the same time, both MM as well as MC on the RCA inputs and only MC on XLR inputs.

+40 EQ Curves

Listen to your vinyls at the best with +20 EQ curves and the “Enhanced” feature.

TFT Display

Real-time control of all the settings, always shown on the display in an intuitive way.

Single Knob Control

No more DIP switch, the rotary knob makes it easy and quick to change the settings.