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Gold Note P-1000 MkII Deluxe Preamplifier

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Gold Note P-1000 MkII Deluxe Preamplifier 

P-1000 MkII

Total control over your system

A full-function Class-A audio preamplifier for real music lovers.

Designed for High-End audio systems, P-1000 is an innovative Class-A line preamplifier powered by a new proprietary Six Gain Stage design and with Relays volume control and is made for real music lovers. Completing the 1000 series of Gold Note Hifi electronics, P-1000 is powered by a Triple Linear Transformer power supply and features 10 independent stereo inputs. Advanced functions paired with high-quality materials and an exquisite Italian product design turn P-1000 into a luxury solid state amplifier capable of top-class performances.

Volume Control

Graphic visualisation from 0 to 100, created with relay and optical encoder with
zero distortion.

Analogue Inputs

Featuring 8 indipendent stereo inputs, of which 4 XLR balanced and 4 RCA unbalanced for maximum versatility.

Stages of amplification

6 independent gain stages, made with a proprietary “ultra-balanced“
circuit design for an excellent musicality

Modular Design

Add external units like the inductive power supply PSU-1000/1250 or the Class-A valve output stage TUBE-1006/1012 in order to increase the performance of P-1000

High resolution 6 gain fully balanced separated Line Preamplifier 

INPUT: 4pr RCA or 4pr XLR - PRE OUT: 2pr RCA and 2pr XLR
DELUXE: optional features premium grade components and PSU

Optional: PSU1250/1000 and TUBE 1012/1006