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Gold Note Donatello Red Phono Cartridge

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Gold Note Donatello Red Phono Cartridge


The Donatello MC cartridge is our response coming out of our engineering efforts to create the best sounding cartridge of its category. Inserted in its exclusive duraluminium body, it results in an ultra light – only 7 grams – cartridge that can perform at its best on every tonearm. With its beautiful, perfectly damped body, this high-performance cartridge is an ideal companion for any tonearm and turntable matching.

MC phono cartridge

-Mass 7g
-Tracking Weight 1.8/2.1g
-Compliance 12x10-6cm/dyne
-Aluminum Cantilever
-Micro Elliptical Stylus


The main idea pursued by designing the Donatello MC cartridge was simply to engineer the best sounding cartridge of its category, enabled by a solid machined duraluminium body and light enough to be handled by any tonearm.

After two years of continuous research, the results exceeded our highest expectations. With its sophisticated computer modeling design, the body made of machined duraluminium weighs only 7 grams.

The Donatello is perfectly damped to help the cantilever achieve the best tracking ability. Its high-precision micro elliptical diamond stylus-tip, designed for top audio performances, will let you enjoy even the smallest musical details.

Donatello is available in two models: Gold with a low output level and Red with a high output level to be easily driven by MM phono stages as well.