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Antipodes S30 Hi-Res Music Server/ROON core

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Antipodes S30 Hi-Res Music Server/ROON core

As the evolution of digital audio progresses - the concept of a music server or ROON core is becoming the defacto standard to enhance both quality of audio streamed or served as well as a centralised interface for ease of use. The Antipodes range of music servers have proven themselves to sound great, be low maintenance as well as having excellent backup support from Antipodes themselves.

Antipodes Audio music servers were selected by us as the ideal music server for those wishing to get the most out of their digital media, or digitise existing music libraries. Every aspect of the Antipodes servers has been optimised to provide the best possible sound quality. The lowest noise, jitter and absolute bit perfect playback from a wide range of easy to use playback applications make an Antipodes the perfect hub for your entire home's digital music storage and playback.  

The small form factor Antipodes S30 is their entry-level music server and yet it is based on the advanced player engine used in the K50 and K30. The only compromise made is the external power supply brick supplied as standard. But audio performance can be dramatically enhanced by adding the HSL50-based S60 power supply. With or without the S60, the audio performance of the S30 is outstanding at the respective price points.

The Antipodes S30 is medium-power, enabling it to handle all Server Apps and Player Apps, but audiophiles wanting to use heavy DSP features should consider the high-power S40.

The Antipodes S30 is recommended for use as:

  • A medium-power Server/Player, running both Server Apps and Player Apps, or

  • A dedicated Player-only, receiving a music stream by Ethernet from a high quality music server like the Antipodes K40 or S40.

The Antipodes S30 includes analog outputs on RCA. This is provided for convenience and does not imply Antipodes have included a DAC of the same class as the music server engine. The analog sound is good and is provided to enable an easier entry point for someone that does not yet have a good DAC. It also provides a quality end-point for distribution of music around your network. To realise the full potential of the S30, you should add a quality DAC.

Install your own storage disk, up to 5TB HDD or 8TB SSD, or have us install it for you. Add USB drives. Include music files located elsewhere on your network. Upload music files from anywhere on your network. Add internet streaming services. Attach an Antipodes K10 Ripper to import music from your CDs. All easily user-configurable to form a single integrated music library that is available to all playback solutions selected.

Easily select the playback solutions you wish to use, from the world's best high-end digital audio software providers such as ROON and Squeezebox. Play via USB Audio or Analog to your main stereo system, and at the same time stream over your network to streaming devices.

Antipodes S30 Music Server CONNECTIONS

  1. Analog Audio Output on Stereo RCAs

  2. USB Audio 2.0 Output

  3. Ethernet Connection to Network on RJ45

  4. Two Servicing Ports

  5. Dual USB Ports - For External CD Ripper (eg. Antipodes K10), or USB Disks