Smart House

Home automation simplifies technology.
Home automation is a way to simplify and manage all the technologies in a home. Each automation system can then be customised to your individual needs.  As technology becomes more and more integrated in our lives the ability to use it simply has become a priority.  Often something as simple as playing a Blu-Ray movie can require multiple remotes, audio setting adjustments and switching video input.  What we’ve set out to accomplish as a company is to unify all of this technology for our clients so that the technology you own is easy to use and enhances the quality of your life.  This way when your parents come to visit and want to watch a movie with the kids all they need to do is press a single button - and it just works. 


In one touch, the movie starts, your blinds close and the surround sound kicks in at the perfect volume. Instead of spending a night in watching a movie, you’re enjoying your personal cinema.  You rush out with the kids to drop them off at school. By the time you get to the office you wonder, “Did I lock the front door?” Check from your smartphone and relax. 

Home Cinema - Simplify your audio, video and home cinema components with one remote control.  Create an experience.


Multi-Room Music - Play music from almost any format, in any room, any time.  Enjoy music seamlessly from the dining room to the living room to your roof top deck.

Lighting - Save energy and enjoy the perfect ambiance in every room.  Make sure all the lights in the home are off from the comfort of your bed.

Energy - Create a more comfortable home and a more efficient planet.

Mobile Access - Enjoy control from anywhere—online or on your smart phone.

Security - Experience peace of mind with features that enhance your home security.

 Our home automation projects and installation process is extremely personalised.  
Please contact us for a personal consultation catered to your space and needs.