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Gold Note Pianosa Turntable Black/White and Lacquer Finish

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Gold Note Pianosa Turntable 

The Pianosa turntable’s charm operates through its harmonious look and its extremely well-balanced sound. Equilibrium is what distinguishes this exceptional product expressing itself by handcraft quality and technical high-class audio performance. The subtile curves of the Pianosa intrigue the eye and its musicality confirms that the Italian spirit sits in the point where you touch perfection. For every High-End system, adding the Pianosa turntable results in an unforgettable musical festa.

Belt driven Turntable made of double isolated 20mm black acrylic plinth, 3mm Stainless steel board and machined curved Italian hardwood walnut or black painted MDF for high rigidity and frequency control 

-Vinyl Platter 

-425mm Large x 360mm Deep

-12 Volt electronic PSU and Speed Ctonrol

-Included B5.1 and DC

Italian Design

A creation inspired by the artistic tradition of the Florentine Renaissance joined by today’s taste and technical innovation.

Motor with micro-controller

Equipped with a 12V synchronous motor, driven by a proprietary power supply run by a micro-controller which electronically controls the velocity 33/45RPM.

Fine Materials

Fine woods chosen for their elevated stability and elasticity which provide Pianosa with ideal structural characteristics and an unmistakable look.

Ready to Play

Out of the box thanks to the full package offered with the turntable including B-5.1 tonearm and hand-made removable dust cover made of plexiglass.