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Auralic Aries G1 - Hi-Res Music Streamer (ex-demo special)

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Auralic Aries G1 - HiRes music Streamer (ex-demo Special)

As Hi Resolution music playback and streaming gains traction in the world of Hifi, it has become apparent that the DAC (digital to analogue converter) is only a part of the streaming playback chain that makes a difference. The streaming device is also a part of the Audio quality experienced too.

Here at Douglas Hifi we have heard the sonic differences that various streaming hardware solutions also make to the quality of sound during playback. Auralic have been providing a range of great sounding solutions since the early days of serious music streamimg - and they have helped realise the full potential of HiRes streaming in their latest range of products. Many of our clients own and love their Auralic streaming products.

The Auralic ARIES G1 Wireless Streaming Transporter (HiRes Music streamer) is infused with cutting edge AURALiC technologies and designs developed for their premiere G2 line, the ARIES G1 connects over Wi-Fi or Ethernet to access digital sources like Network Attached Storage, Internet HiRes streaming services such as TIDAL and Qobuz, the wide world of Internet Radio, as well as USB drives. The ARIES G1 brings high performance music streaming to your home audio system.

On-Device Playlists, Memory Caching, Gapless Playback and Bit-Perfect Multi-Room functionality are among the features found in all AURALiC streaming devices, and with support for Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, and Roon Ready certification the ARIES G1 connectivity is more expansive than ever. Internally the hardware is a perfect choice for streaming audiophile-grade resolutions up to DSD512 and PCM 32bit/384k.

The Auralic ARIES G1 is a music streaming device only and as such, a DAC is also required to decode the digital stream. This makes it a great addition to an existing high end DAC that does not have a streaming option built in.