Douglas HiFi - Soulines - Osborne Park Perth
A music instrument should provide a good base (tool) for an artist to successfully present a music piece, likewise the turntable with the tone-arm, should provide good base for the needle-cartridge system to successfully transduce mechanical energy generated while tracking the record grooves to the electrical energy, i.e. sound. Thus, like with music instruments, successful turntable design is based on the advanced vibration control, and beside required quality of the instrument/turntable, the final result also depends on artist virtuosity, or in the case of turntable reproduction, on quality and characteristics of tone-arm and needle-cartridge.
Soulines consider that all turntable components/parts and interaction between them are equally important, thus are able to always balance a number of “good compromises”.
There is no point of taking one of the component(s) to the extreme, like for example mass of the platter or a chassis (plinth). All the parts should "work" together in order to achieve good performance. Soulines do not believe in extravagant (complicated) engineering and materials. Simple engineering and clever material selection usually gives the best results.