KEF LS50 award winning Bookshelf Monitor Speakers (Limited Edition RED) 1pr ONLY


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  • KEF LS50 RED Award Winning Bookshelf Monitor Speaker (2) | DOUGLAS HiFi
  • KEF LS50 RED Award Winning Bookshelf Monitor Speaker | DOUGLAS HiFi
  • KEF LS50 RED Award Winning Bookshelf Monitor Speaker (Uni Q) | DOUGLAS HiFi
  • KEF LS50 RED Award Winning Bookshelf Monitor Speaker (rear) | DOUGLAS HiFi

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KEF LS50 award winning Bookshelf Monitor Speakers (Limited Edition RED) - 1pr ONLY

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The KEF LS50 are perhaps one of the most awarded speakers of the last 10 years - and deservedly so. Here is your chance to grab the limited edition RED at a fantastic price.

Globally Acclaimed KEF LS50 Bookshelf Loudspeakers Give You a Spot in the Studio: Remarkably Fast, Clean, and Natural Sound Combines with Unusually Large Soundstaging and Sweet Spot

An "engineer's loudspeaker" that allows home listeners a spot in their own recording studio, the KEF LS50 mini-monitor bookshelf loudspeaker stands as one of the most revered, internationally awarded audio designs released in the past 25 years. A Hi-Fi+ Value-Priced Loudspeaker of the Year, Stereophile Product of the Year, Hi-Fi Choice Recommended Component, What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year, and Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product – just to name a few honors – LS50 is inspired by the iconic KEF LS3/5A monitors and again benefits from collaboration with the legendary BBC. Each two-way LS50 employs a proprietary, custom-made Uni-Q driver. Originally developed for KEF's flagship Blade speaker, Uni-Q boasts an unusually large sweet spot and offers remarkably fast, detailed, natural, transparent sound. That it manages such rich, accurate, and notably exciting performance despite its charmingly compact size belies both expectations and logic.

In to addition to the Uni-Q driver, LS50 owes its feats to a trio of three breakthroughs: Constrained layer damping that prevents cabinet vibration, a flexible reflex port that prevents midrange coloration and avoids chuffing, and curved baffle shaping that minimizes reflections while simultaneously lending prized rigidity. LS50's high-frequency tangerine waveguide further allows for extremely wide dispersion, lending to soundstaging abilities seldom possible from compact designs. A one-inch vented aluminum dome tweeter, 5.25-inch magnesium/aluminium alloy driver, and KEF's decades of experience and technological research – including Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics techniques – also combine to place LS50 on a rarified pedestal. 


"Whether in standard or wireless form, the KEF LS50 became the bookshelf monitor loudspeaker to beat right from the outset. The 21st Century version of the LS3/5A is a true modern masterpiece!"
– Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+, Best Products of the Last Five Years

"It is rare to find a loudspeaker that offers this combination of clarity and neutrality."
Stereophile, Product of the Year Award

"Sweetly voiced yet highly revealing of source quality, it surprises and delights in equal measure. And boy does it sound big, defying its compact dimensions."
Hi-Fi News, Outstanding Product review

"We're impressed by the speaker's seamless integration, as we are by the way it sets up a huge stereo image populated by securely focused sounds... Most importantly these speakers are fun to listen to."
What Hi-Fi?, Product of the Year Award

"Construction and execution are exemplary. It delivers the kind of performance that deserves to be on a Wheaties box. And there's an incalculable coolness factor that makes it a breath of fresh air. The LS50 also answers the classic question, 'Who says you can't teach an old box new tricks?'"
The Absolute Sound

"The LS50 communicates music's subtle dynamic shifts with rare precision, and that may be one of the reasons why it sounds so lifelike. Bass fullness and definition are pretty respectable for a speaker of its size. They played rock loud enough for me, and large-scale orchestral music was well served by the LS50s. It's one of the best small hi-fi speakers I've heard at any price."S
– Steve Guttenberg, CNET, Speaker of the Year

"The LS50 resolves beautifully and matches this with tonal accuracy and cohesion that is truly outstanding but just as importantly, it does all this with a sense of energy life and sheer entertainment that is quite its own."

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