Cambridge Audio 851A Integrated HiFi Amplifier - ExDemo SALE

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Cambridge Audio 851A Integrated HiFi Amplifier - ExDemo SALE

** One Only - Ex-Demo **

The Cambridge Audio 851A is an award winning, high powered amplifier from Cambridge Audio. The 851A is capable of delivering a commendable 120 watts per channel of high-quality power, the 851A benefits from two audiophile-grade toroidal transformers: one for the sensitive preamp section and one for the power stages allowing the 851A to deliver its immense output without stress. This incredible speaker-taming amount of power can be precision-controlled with another innovation found in the 851A - the new fully balanced silicon gate volume control, which gives very fine adjustment across the volume range and highly accurate channel-balancing.

Because everyone's needs are different, the 851A offers two main types of connectivity: the more commonly found RCA/Phono inputs, plus two pairs of fully balanced XLR connections. Our matching 851C upsampling CD player also features both types of connection, allowing you to connect your system in the very highest quality possible.

Speaking of flexibility, you can even control your iPhone, iPad or iPod using the 851 Series remote control when they're docked in our matching iD100 digital dock.

Unlike many high end amplifiers which excel in one area over another, we believe the 851A offers the perfect combination of high performance, flexibility and ease of use. It's designed to take your listening experience to an entirely different level and we invite you to audition our best amplifier to date at your nearest Cambridge Audio specialist.

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