Gold Note DS-1000 MKII Black - Douglas Hifi
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Gold Note DS-1000 MKII - DAC

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Gold Note DS-1000 MKII - DAC

DS-1000 MkII

A state of the art DAC which integrates a converter and a streamer in one single elegant unit.

DS-1000 is the best D/A Converter we have ever made: a true High-End DAC capable of delivering audiophile sound from digital files and that features Network Player functions to let you enjoy your favourite music always with the greatest audio quality. You can easily stream music using the dedicated App and control all functions via the remote control as well as with the intuitive front joggle and TFT display which always displays all setups at a glance.

Digital Inputs

Developed to convert even files from USB flash memories and network connections thanks to an TOS-optical asynchronous input and two USB-A ports.


Features the excellent DAC BurrBrown converters already used for our DAC DS-1000, enables both the connection to TV/DVD-Player and audio streaming via PC

Dedicated App

The Gold Note Remote app enables accessing every function of DS-1000 via smartphone and tablet.

Modular Design

Add external units like the inductive power supply PSU-1000/1250 or the Class-A valve output stage TUBE-1006/1012 in order to increase the performance of DS-1000.


Wi-Fi and LAN 24/192 DAC & Network Player able to handle computer and NAS devices 
-iOS and Android App
-Internet Radio
-2x USB Host Ports
-DSD D/A converter USB, TOS and Coax Input
Optional: PSU1250/1000 and TUBE1012/1006