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Gold Note A3 Evo Loudspeaker Walnut Side - Douglas Hifi

Gold Note A3 EVO Loudspeakers Walnut Glossy

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Gold Note A3 EVO Loudspeakers Walnut Glossy


Italian Bookshelf Speaker

An elegant and compact bass reflex 2 way loudspeaker with a modern Italian look and a surprising audiophile sound.

This elegant and compact bass reflex 2 way bookshelf loudspeaker is capable of a surprisingly audiophile sound despite its moderate size. With their modern Italian cabinet design they will be a stylish and performant addition to the home of any music lover. A3 EVO is part of the Gold Note entry speaker range and a perfect product for who is creating their first High-End audio system. The performance of the bookshelf speaker can be improved with the dedicated modern looking EVO stand (optional).

Made in Italy

A revisited version of the traditional box design with compact measurements and made of local high-quality materials.

Small Spaces

A loudspeaker specifically designed for small listening rooms. The dedicated stand enables the ideal positioning for the best sound results.

Surprising Performances

Positioned close to the posterior wall, A3 EVO performs low frequencies which are remarkable for such a compactly sized loudspeaker.

Sounding Environment

Thanks to its neutral timbre, the loudspeaker creates a wide soundstage and it seems like the back wall itself is playing the music.


-86dB rear bass reflex
- 8Ω
- 2way bookshelf 35cm tall, 19cm large, 28,5cm deep
– 1”dome Tweeter
- 6” Mid-Woofer
- 45Hz-20kHz
-Diamond shaped lacquered side panels

-350mm Height
- 230mm Large
- 285mm Deep